Time-Lpase of The City of Perth April 2013 from Darrell Brown on Vimeo

Time-Lapse photography appears to be the new “cine art form” now sweeping the world of media production.

As a fantastic web based marketing tool, savvy corporations are now using “time-lapse” in many varied and creative ways to show off their facilities worldwide.
Time-lapse has always been around; however with the advent of the new DSLR range of cameras and fast lenses, motion control units and compatible software, you can now produce a very high quality “cinematic” look and feel to your marketing or promotional corporate video for a very cost effective price.

Time-Lapse is now being used by Government and Private enterprise to promote everything from tourism to large music and sporting events. This coupled with the added creative styles of shooting now available using DLSR Cameras, Go Pros and such like, adds a very dynamic and exciting edge to the normal style of corporate or promotional video.

Feel free to talk to Darrell about your next media project and how you can incorporate the latest state of the art time-lapse photography to help make your web video stand out from the rest.