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Friday, April 12th, 2013

First in Perth to shoot TVC on new Black Magic Camera.

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot with the new “Black Magic 2.5K (Raw) camera. The camera itself definitely has some draw backs, but for $3000 you cant really complain. We didn’t use the full 2.5K raw files instead we shot Pro Res HQ 4.2.2 which was more then enough. With no budget for a gaffer  all the exteriors were shot oysters, and one light used for the interiors. You cant white balance the camera, just selected increments from 3200 – 7500.  I used my Canon EF series lenses. Its a small sensor so we used a Tonika 10-11mm (which was about 25mm on a 7D at the wide end).  All in all not a bad result.  (see behind the scene shots below.) 


 Director Ross Tinney, D.O.P. – Darrell Brown Cam assistant – Mike Knight, Sound – Jeremy Aston.

untitled   untitled-4

 untitled-5   untitled-6

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