My Boys:

This page is dedicated to our two beautiful boys Cody and Taylor.

My wife and I have watched with wonder and amazement, as they have grown from tiny little babies – into wonderful caring  young men.   The joy and spirit that our boys bring to our lives every day is always uplifting.

They bring hope, they bring love, and they bring sunshine. 

My passion for photography is only bettered by my passion for being a Dad. I feel being a father is the most important job on the planet. It’s a responsibility that I take seriously and enjoy immensely.

I have done my best to include photographs here that show the boys character and personalities. We have surrounded them in nature as often as we could and because of this they are grounded, bonded and connected young boys.

To anyone with young children, I suggest you photograph them often, hug them regularly and tell them how much you love them every day.

Sadly they grow up far too quickly. These photographs are our way of keeping those wonderful memories close at hand.

“You hold their hand for a while, but you’ll hold their heart for eternity.”

Darrell and Julie