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Monday, May 13th, 2013

Shot for 60 Minutes last week. incredible story about a South African guy who fell over board in the middle of the night on a surfing trip in Indo. He was bobbing in the middle of the ocean for 28 hours before an Australian skipper miraculously plucked him from the sea close to exhaustion. Met his beautiful wife and children during the reunion. Charlie did a great interview! Amazing story – dont miss it. 

Darrell Brown

Photo- Greg, Me, Charles , Brett – “Miracle Man” as they are now calling him) and Jason.

Spud Shed

Friday, April 12th, 2013

First in Perth to shoot TVC on new Black Magic Camera.

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot with the new “Black Magic 2.5K (Raw) camera. The camera itself definitely has some draw backs, but for $3000 you cant really complain. We didn’t use the full 2.5K raw files instead we shot Pro Res HQ 4.2.2 which was more then enough. With no budget for a gaffer  all the exteriors were shot oysters, and one light used for the interiors. You cant white balance the camera, just selected increments from 3200 – 7500.  I used my Canon EF series lenses. Its a small sensor so we used a Tonika 10-11mm (which was about 25mm on a 7D at the wide end).  All in all not a bad result.  (see behind the scene shots below.) 


 Director Ross Tinney, D.O.P. – Darrell Brown Cam assistant – Mike Knight, Sound – Jeremy Aston.

untitled   untitled-4

 untitled-5   untitled-6

Latest shoot – New Autumn collection Television Commercial for Karrinyup City

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Had an interesting shoot last week filming the lastest Autumn collection for a Karrinyup City TVC.  All shot on the Canon 7D with 24 -105mm lens. Difficult trying to match shots so that we got a seamless transition betwen locations. Great work by my grip Greg Stirling for getting the job done well. Will put the TV commercial up here when its finished.  Cheers Darrell Brown

Karrinyup TVC-2          Karrinyup TVC

Karrinyup TVC-3      Karrinyup TVC-4